It is with great enthusiasm that I write this testimony for the use of the Disinfectant Spray in cleaning up after our cat that sprays. We’ve purchased every other product on the market and made our own “guaranteed to work” home remedies, but nothing truly removed the odor of cat urine. Its very strong… and very toxic.
When we found your products and purchased the Disinfectant spray, after the first use… we couldn’t smell the residual urine! It also gave us peace of mind to know that we were not just trying to get rid of the smell but we were truly disinfecting the area.
We have since begun using only this Disinfectant Cleaner to clean our whole house, we clean our bathrooms and kitchen with it and especially the outside nation furniture where birds love to poop.
I love the Plexi-glass cleaner on my glass patio table. For the first time I feel like I’m really disinfecting the table. I use it to clean all the mirrors in my home and windows too! Its clearly not just for plexi-glass!
Thank you for dedicating your life to the research and development of cleaning products you can use with confidence and really know that anything is truly free of disease and harmful germs!!
Colleen LR

VP Sales , Brandgarden

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