Parents are entrusting their children in your care to nurture and develop them as they grow and learn in a safe environment. Children playing together in close proximity with developing immune systems are going to spread germs and infections. Your day care can keep the spread of infection to a minimum by teaching healthy practices and by using Good Clean Fun disinfectant! This great smelling “hospital grade” disinfectant is safe to use on; toys, floors, fabric, counter tops and of course, bathrooms. Your facility will never smell medicinal or like bleach!

Good Clean Fun can consult with you about your playgrounds and can certify the safety of the playground areas with a thorough inspection. We are CPSI certified and work with all of our clients to protect your liability and the children you care for!  Give you and all of the parents peace of mind that you’re taking every measure to keep kids healthy and safe by using the highest quality disinfectant cleaners on the market and keeping your day care clean and in excellent condition with yearly inspections!

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