Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a professional maintenance company to clean and maintain my playground?
Good Clean Fun was founded in 1996 and has established high credibility and is respected for our professionalism in the industry. We carry insurance above what our clients require, have certification by all manufacturer’s to sell and install replacement parts and surfacing, and we are nationally safety certified so that we will limit your liability when it comes to safety issues. We are not simply a cleaning company we are the premier maintenance company out there!

How often should my playground be cleaned by a professional company?
The frequency of a professional cleaning should be determined by the playground usage, the diligence of personnel in maintaining it, seasonality, and if you are aware of recent contamination. We recommend a minimum quarterly cleaning schedule to thoroughly clean, inspect, and do minor repairs. If you have a high usage play area more frequent cleanings will be necessary.

Why should I buy a cleaning kit rather than use products that I currently have?
The Good Clean Fun Cleaning kit has all products that have been tested and used by us for years on playgrounds. Using the wrong product on the wrong component can destroy your playground. A degreaser will immediately cloud a Plexiglas window, and fade plastics. Non-tested and unapproved products should not be used where children can come in contact with them! All of our products have been tested and they meet EPA standards for being “Environmentally-Friendly”.

Doesn’t bleach kill all the germs in the playground?
Bleach is an excellent germ killer but it can leave a residue, odor, and potentially damage clothing. The smell of bleach is distinctive and in high concentrations can cause respiratory issues for the personnel using it. Our disinfectant has a pleasant smell and does not have any adverse effects on children, your employees, or the environment!

Why can’t I just pressure wash my playground?
Pressure washing can damage the playground equipment. Paint can come off, ties will be broken, post padding can be destroyed and you are forcing dirt into the unit. The only way to truly clean a playground is by hand “detailing” it using the appropriate products! Pressure washing can ruin safety surfacing at indoor playgrounds. Mold develops underneath the safety surfacing and will eventually compromise the floor.

How long does it take to do a cleaning?
The time a cleaning takes is determined by the size of unit, size of surfacing, the amount of usage and the frequency of the cleaning cycle. The time of a hand detailed cleaning usually is between 2-3 hours. Time of cleaning increases when the unit is not well maintained, or if additional services are requested such as removing windows to clean underneath, or if there are a lot of repairs that need to be done.

How long after the cleaning does it take to open the unit up?
In most cases once the cleaning has been done and the work order has been reviewed by the store personnel you can open the playground for business. We use a high velocity floor machine that puts very little water on the floor and immediately extracts the water with pressurized scrubbing. The disinfectant that we use on the floor kills most viruses, bacteria, and has both a mildew inhibitor and fungicide. Our disinfectant is a completely “Environmentally-Friendly Product” and will not harm children or the environment.

Don’t customers get annoyed when their children can’t play?
Most of the time customers love the fact that the playground is being professionally cleaned and inspected! Our crews do not clean during peak business hours like lunch, dinner or family nights. All of our field reps have been trained to speak with your customers to explain what we are doing and that as our clients you are being proactive in protecting your customers. GCF personnel can answer all customer questions about procedures and safety. They also make sure that they give the children a Good Clean Fun Frisbee to play with and parents are both impressed and appreciative!

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